Physics Department

Physics is the foundation science upon which all other natural sciences and most types of engineering are built. This makes physics the most diverse and applicable technical major you can have. Some of history's most famous scientists were physicists: Newton, Einstein, Maxwell, Curie, and Hubble. Physicists probe the far reaches of space and the depths of the ocean; investigate the structure of the atom; design and program computers; solve environmental problems; and develop new manufacturing materials. Research in physics has paved the way for technological innovations such as the Internet, cell phones, lasers, fuel cells, diagnostic techniques in medicine and solid-state electronics. Physicists lead some of the world's major technology companies.

Department of Physics is one of the most important departments of the engineering college. A thorough knowledge of science plays a key role in the success of engineering education. The department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. Teachers are involved in teaching as well as research and have published research papers in international and national journals with good impact parameter. The Department has a spacious laboratory with a dark room, which is well designed in strict accordance with the AICTE norms and has all the equipments, which suits the requirement of VTU. It is recognized as a ‘RESEARCH CENTRE’ by VTU. The Department is active throughout the year by organizing Technical Talks / Seminars / hosting Science Exhibitions which gives practical exposure to the students.