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'Spotlight' a dance competition organised by big time events held on 24th August 2014​


'Spotlight' a dance competition for sub juniors , juniors and seniors solo and group category organized by big time events, sponsored by N.I groups. Held on 24th august 2014.

In the seniors category stealers from vviet has won first place with a cash price of 20,000.

Judge: Mr. Sridhar Jain - The famous dance choreographer.

From right to left - First row: Shaik Azeez Ahmed, Sumanth Prabhu.G , Mohammed Zubair, Prakash Ainapur , Pritam Ponana. | Second row: Malvika R.S, Chandini T.I, Thejaswini S.P, Sonali Kariappa, Neha Najem.