Electronics and Communication

The gift of knowledge is the highest gift in the world”, and VVIET is giving this highest gift to its students. I consider myself lucky to have been selected to this college. I belong to Electronics branch and I feel, our department is putting heroic efforts to give knowledge to the students and to make them understand the concepts. “No knowledge is possible without teachers”. Teachers play an important role in the life of the students. All the faculties are working dedicatedly to help the students and they are more flexible and down to earth.

Every year many events like cultural and sports events are conducted in our college, which are more beneficial to students. Many workshops and seminars are being conducted in our dept. and I have attended almost all the workshops. They are conducted smoothly and the main objectives of the workshops were achieved. In addition to this, aptitude classes were conducted to all the semester students which help the students to be more confident to attend the interviews.

Nowadays technology is rapidly developing, so students should possess creative potential and innovative ideas to achieve something in present technical world. I feel, if more workshops and seminars are conducted then our knowledge will be updated and we can improve our skills.

VVIET has got lot of potential and I am fortunate to be a part of VVIET family.

Rakshita R M
4th Semester, ECE

'College life' is that phase in one's life when one learns the most important lessons of his/her life. It is for the first time in college when an individual is left to himself to make his own decisions. The importance of maintaining good and healthy relations with seniors, batch mates, friends and the faculty is known in this very important phase of life called 'College life'. College is a lot different than high school. The first thing I noticed is the workload and it is heavier and more intense than ever before, and why not, because it’s a whole new level of exposure to education, where you set a benchmark for your juniors and others. The major challenges of college work are the large volume of reading, the short deadlines, and the writing, writing, writing. Apart from this, I also made new friends, actually a lot of friends. A lot of changes were witnessed in college regarding renovation and some additional facilities were also provided for the students such as new water filters set were set up in every floor which ensures pure water supply. Facilities are also provided for various indoor and outdoor games for the students. The classrooms were now equipped with some advanced facilities.

On the whole, the college is focusing on welfare of the students and to bring out a better person out of them and produce responsible citizens who will work sincerely towards the betterment of society.

Basically, I belong to the Electronics & Communication department and it’s a privilege to be a part of this department. According to me, my department is the best in the college, not just because my department organizes lot of events every year, but because of the exposure that we students get from these events. I think, probably it’s the E&C dept. in the entire college that organizes a very large number of events that are directly focused on exposing students to new technologies and encouraging them to make the most of it. And all thanks to my department teachers who with their meticulous work and painstaking effort help and guide the students. They also encourage us to take up new projects and challenges and also make us aware of the ethics and morals to be followed in our life. But ultimately, the underlying credit goes to the H.O.D of E&C dept. Dr. Bindu Thomas who has always been a guiding force to we students and the best part of it is that we bask under her blessings. I feel that we are very lucky to have a H.O.D like Bindu Madam who always puts her students first than everything so that the students are profited in every aspect.

In a nutshell, the department as well as the teachers has taught a lot of things to me like respecting others, making the most of an opportunity, taking up new challenges etc. and I feel myself lucky to be a part of this wonderful department.

Deepak Nataraj
4th Semester, ECE

As a part of the family of Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology and more over being a part of the electronics and communication department is like a cherry on a piece of cake. This makes my college life even more complete and memorable.

Getting into college by itself is a new experience and more over adjusting to a new place and new people wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the faculty of the first two semesters. Both the teaching and non-teaching staff helps us in every way possible.

The electronics and communication department is undoubtedly one of the most active departments in the college, with new motivating and energetic activities day after day. With workshops and seminars for the overall development of the students it organizes various competitions which help us to identify our abilities and also helps us identify the areas in which we need to improve on. I am sure that through the motivation we get from the enthusiastic H.O.D Dr Bindu A Thomas and the faculty we will surely have a fruitful future.

VVIET gives us the best facilities possible including the best bus facility, drinking water etc. The fun we have in bus and in college adds to the lovely memories I can carry along and this makes me feel that I can call this college as my second home.

Piolin A.L Ponceno
6th Semester, ECE

I am Manjari M.V persuaing pre-final year BE in Electronics and Communication stream in one of the most reputed educational suite VVIET-VidyaVikas Institute Of Engineering and Technology. As the name suggests VVIET is a landmark of Professional Excellence. It has opened many ways for passionate engineers to come up in their lives and also work for the betterment of the society.

Since from the day 1 of my engineering life in VVIET, the institute is very supportive in making me an excellent professional in a year. The college infrastructure is very good with excellent Browsing Centre, library, indoor sports room, technical labs and projectors. Apart from providing technical skills to the students the institute also initiates in bringing out the hidden talents of students in both academics and non-academics. Individual care is taken at the departmental level and the faculties are very encouraging and supportive to the student to come up with their innovative ideas.

Electronics and Communication department not only focuses on the technical skills of a student but it also gives importance to co-curricular activities in the department. Every year technical fest Resonance, inauguration of Superconductors association, workshops on various new inventions/technologies and many technical talks will be conducted. The IEEE student branch association and Women in Engineering of IEE also provides us various opportunities to do community service. Our HoD, Dr. Bindu A Thomas is the vice-chairman of WIE Bengaluru section who is very enthusiastic and inspiration to all students.

Placement training started in first year of my Engineering and is being regularly conducted. This brings confidence to the students to get placed in campus recruitment and to crack competitive exams.

I am proud to be called as a VVIETian for all the support and encouragement that VVIET has provided me. I am grateful to the Vidya Vikas trustee, management, teaching and non-teaching staffs for making me an excellent professional.

Manjari M V
6th Semester, ECE

I am very happy being a part of VVIET family and even more proud to be an ECian. What I have learnt is that, we have to work hard to prove our worth amongst the millions in this world doing the same.

Our institution providing excellent curriculum teaching and coaching by highly qualified and experienced faculty, the students are provided with ample opportunities to participate in cultural activities. The special individual attention is given to the top achievers as well as slow learners. Our ever HOD Dr. BINDU A THOMAS is highly motivating and along with the faculty members conducts a series of meetings and mentoring to help in overall development of the students’ skills and capabilities. Department also has well equipped laboratories and practical aspects of teaching to provide a meaningful education. I appreciate the dedication and diligence of my faculty who have played a very significant role in building the students’ career.

The credit of all-round development goes to Shri.Vasu, Chairman and Shri.Kaveesh Gowda V, Secretary of Vidya Vikas Educational Trust. Their  vision and total commitment to the welfare and development of students have convinced our patrons.

I hope to have a wonderful and motivating career in future. Let me join my friends in wishing our institution in bringing colorful future to the students.


Karthik G M
6th Semester, ECE