Computer Science

I Rakshith.R owe my gratitude to the faculty members of Computer Science Department, for provide me the skills in both practical and theoretical aspects.

I am proud to be the organizing member of the student body GOOGLE STUDENT ORGANISATION which is formed under GOOGLE AMBASSADOR PROGRAMME. Even I am proud to be a secretary of COMPAC ASSOCIATION. Faculties help us in every aspect to build our curriculum. Our department, the HOD and the faculties have been a backbone to me throughout.

The uniqueness of college can be derived from the drive with which every department, cultural and technical clubs invest to achieve the overall development of a student. Finally I would like to express that my college is there to support me.

I feel lucky to be a part of this institution.

Rakshith R
5th Semeter, CSE

It’s a proud feeling to be called as a VVIET. VVIET, concentrating on the welfare of each and every student and has brought me today to a level where I am proud to be. Belonging to computer science department, I have been selected as GOOGLE STUDENT AMBASSADOR 2014-15 from our institution.

My college has helped me in all the aspects to satisfy and fulfill my requirements and my parent’s’ expectations. Our department, the HOD and all the faculties have been a great strength to me always. The encouragement from my department has played a very important role in my personality development. Lot of support from my teachers which helped me in setting up a sociotechnical club-INNOQ with three of my classmates, to a department level, and towards my preparation for the GOOGLE STUDENT AMBASSADOR PROGRAM.

It’s an Amazing feeling to be part of VVIET family. A family which has made my ‘college life’ as the most memorable part of my life. It’s a perfect place for a student to achieve their overall development with an active participation in all the technical, non-technical events organized under different departments in different levels.

I am very fortunate to be able to experience both the flavors of event organizing and also participation in events.

My journey in VVIET has brought a tremendous improvement in my personal development. I owe my gratitude to all my respected teachers and the whole VVIET family. I feel myself lucky to be a part of this excellent institution. 


Apoorva Nag N
5th Semeter, CSE

It's a great honor and privilege for me to write the testimonial for my institute. I feel lucky to be the student of the Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology. I am basically from a small town but VVIET tremendously helped me to learn how to organize successfully and systematically. It was an experience of "Learning by doing". Students are encouraged and given enough opportunities in all fields. The theoretical knowledge along with practical training the students receive here is praise worthy. Besides these, the institute also conducts several workshops and events. These events have helped to simplify studies through the method of "Learning by seeing and participating". The cordial relationship that exists between students and the faculty is worth mentioning. They are always ready to help the students when they have any problem or queries regarding the academics or anything. I am very much inspired by all the Teaching faculty and Management as they taught me the hardworking person to achieve my goal in life. In our dynamic world success and happiness depend on hard work not on theory or mere words. VVIET uphold high standard teaching discipline, hard work, Character Formation and value oriented training. It has been a place to explore our own talents and also to appreciate the talent of one another. We have plenty of opportunities to practice what we learned. I have no doubt it was my right decision to join Vidya Vikas.

Thejesvini S P
7th Semester, CSE

Vidya Vikas is an institution with a rich diversity of student, and faculty .It gave me a platform to improve myself in various fields both academically and in co-curricular activities. The faculty playing their equal role in the development of all their students provides a healthy environment for the all-round development of an individual.

The faculty of The Department Of Computer Science and Engineering VVIET, provides a stable environment for the class to get them absorbed in the subjects, they put forth the best in them to guide and in development of the students towards excellence, welcoming them with their doubts and queries with at most care is well executed.

Shashank P
2nd Year, CSE

About the college - Vidya Vikas, as the name suggests has helped my intelligence and education grow. I’ve grown as an individual too. Skills and interacting with people from different walks of life are some of the many things that this college has given me. This college provides the perfect environment for an engineering student to become a successful engineer.

About the Department - the Computer Science and Engineering department is great in real sense. The faculties have been and I hope that they are as helpful as they are now. The teaching is excellent on the whole and especially Ms. Jyothi Patil has been inspirational! The mentoring activities held periodically are also helpful.


Shantanu A.D
III Semester, CSE