Civil Engineering - Laboratories

Sl No Name of the Laboratory Major Equipments
1 Environmental Engineering laboratory a) spectrophotometer (b) BOD Incubator c) COD Digester (d) Colony Counter e) Distillation apparatus (f) Electronic Balance g) Magnetic Stirrer moder (h) Hot sterlising oven i) Heating mantel capliter (j) Bunsen burner k) Filtration assembly 1Liter l) Desicator glass plam (m) P H meter dijuson n) Turbidity meter CL 520 o) Conductivity meter dijison p) Jar test apparatus (q) Muffle furness
2 Hydraulics and Hydraulic machinery lab Reciprocating pump Flow losses in Pipelines Centrifugal Pump Orifice meter/ venturimeter Impact of jet on Vanes Notches Francis Turbine Test rig Pelton wheel turbine Kaplan turbine test rig
3 Concrete and Highway materials lab Compression Testing Machine of 3000KN. Concrete Pan Mixer of 100 Litre Capacity. Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine. Vibrating Table. Weighing Machines(4 nos). Concrete moulds (of size 150X150X150) 16nos Slump test apparatus Cylindrical mould castiron split(150mm dia,300mm length) 9 nos Thickness and length gauge Density basket. Seive brass frame. Ring and ball apparatus Universal Penetrometer semi automatic compaction factor apparatus Aimil consistometer Crushing value apparatus Aggregate impact testing appartus specific gravity bottle Le Chatilier moulds Le Chatilier Flask
4 Computer Aided Design Lab PC Printer Projector AUTOCAD STAAD Pro , E Tabs
5 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory Plastic limit apparatus, Shrinkage limit set, Pycnometer, Proctometer, Laboratory permeability apparatus, Unconfined compression tester, Direct shear test apparatus, Laboratory California ratio, Laboratory vane shear apparatus, Seives brass frame 20cm dia ,all, Seive shaker motorized, Laboratory electric oven, Sample tray (enamel), hand operated extractor, Threpat split mould 38mm dia with collar base, Relative density, Triaxial outfit motorized with accessories
6 Advanced Surveying Lab Toatl Station, GPS Equipments
7 Building Materials testing Laboratory Tile testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Impact,Hardness testing machine
8 Geology lab Rocks, Minerals and Ores

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