Mechanical Engineering - Faculty Achievements

Sl. No. Name Of The Student/Faculty: Type Of The Achievement: ( Academic/Non Academic) Details Of The Achievement/ Award /Recognition:
1 Sandeep.B, Jainam R Jain , Ratanlal M Purohit b, Hemanth M N , Srinivas N Academic “Mechanical Investigation of Polymer Hybrid Composites with effect of Filler Loading” ICMAT - 2020, 17th – 19th Jan, 2020, JSSTU, Mysuru.
2 Sandeep.B , Neithish Bharadwaj P , Zulfikar Ahamed , R Arvind Academic “Development and Mechanical Characterizations of Kevlar/C-glass Epoxy Hybrid Composites” ATMA-2019, 7th – 9th Nov, DSU, Bangalore.

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