Electronics and Communication - Funding

Grants Received from Sponsoring Agency

Academic Year Title of the Project Principal Investigator Sponsored Agency Amount in Rs
2019-20 Borehole Accident Savior- BOROBOT Dr. Bindu A Thomas Mrs. Anitha D B KSCST 5000
Development of a Wearable instrumented vest for Posture Monitoring Mr. Rohith M N KSCST 5000
Smart truck for litter collection and segregation Mrs. Bhavya V KSCST 5000
Degradable and Bio degradable Waste Segregation using Smart Monitoring System Mr. N Yogesh KSCST 4000
Intelligent Assistance Shoes for Blind Dr. Bindu A Thomas Ms. Deepa P KSCST 4500
2018-19 Digital Multi Agro Robot Ms.Bhavya V KSCST 5000
IOT Based Smart Cabin Dr. Bindu A Thomas VTU Research Funding 5000
Atmospheric Water Generator Mr. N Yogesh VTU Research Funding 5000
Atmospheric Water Generator Mr. N Yogesh KSCST 6000
2017-18 Energy Efficient path planning for mobile robot Mr. Madhu Sudan M P KSCST 5000
2016-17 Smart lung function analyzer Dr. Bindu A Thomas KSCST 3000
ARDUINO Based real time system for rodents control in food storage facility Mr.Nitesh K A KSCST 6000
Non-invasive therapeutic solution for medical disorders using music Mr.Rohith M N KSCST 6500
Smart energy meter Mrs. Suma KSCST 6500
LI-FI based indoor navigation system for blind people Mr. Sagar A Deshpande KSCST 6500
2015-16 Automatic Food maker Mrs. Jahnavi Priyadarshini
Mrs. Ramya M V.
KSCST 4000
2014-15 Advanced crash detection systems Mr. Narayanaswamy G IEEE R 10 HUMANITARIAN CHALLENGE 15000
Automatic Vision Controlled Rescue Robot for Bore holes Dr. Bindu A Thomas KSCST 5000
Public Transport Identification System for Visually Impaired Persons Mrs. Manasa R KSCST 6000

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