Electronics and Communication Engineering - Laboratories

Sl No. Laboratory Name Major Equipments
1.        Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory
Analog Circuits Laboratory
Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Cathode ray Oscilloscope, Function generator, LCR Meter, Analog Trainer kits, Digital Dual power supply
2.        Digital System Design Laboratory Digital IC Trainer kits, IC Tester.
3.        Microcontroller Laboratory Computers, Microcontroller evaluation boards, Microcontroller flash kits, interfacing kits, Keil Software, Cathode ray Oscilloscope
4.        DSP laboratory Computers, DSP Kits, Python
5.        HDL Laboratory Computers, CPLD Evaluation kits, interfacing kits, Cathode ray Oscilloscope
6.        Embedded Controller Laboratory Computers, ARM Cortex embedded kits, Keil software, Cathode ray Oscilloscope
7.        Computer Networks Laboratory Computers
8.        Advanced Communication Laboratory Klystron set up, VSWR meter, Antenna set up, couplers, Digital storage oscilloscope, Power supply, Function generator, OFC Kit
9.        VLSI Laboratory Cadence Software, Computers

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