Skill Development Committee

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation & Department Position
1 Mr. Amulya Mohapatra Director SDC Chairman
2 Dr.Bindu A Thomas Professor & Head, Dept., of ECE Member Convener
3 Ms. Anitha D B Associate Professor,ECE Member
4 Mr. Narayanaswamy G Associate Professor,ECE Member
5 Ms. Namratha D'cruz Assistant Professor,ECE Member
6 Mr. Surender Kumar S Assistant Professor,EEE Member
6 Mr. Allwin Yesuvadian R Assistant Professor,ME Member
7 Mr. Sandeep B Assistant Professor,ME Member
8 Ms. Ramya M Assistant Professor,CSE Member
9 Ms. Rakshitha R Assistant Professor,CSE Member
10 Dr. Chidan Kumar C S Associate Professor,Chem Member
11 Ms. Shambavi K V Assistant Professor,CV Member
12 Mr Arun L Assistant Professor,CV Member

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